This conference explores the benefit of being an entrepreneur discussing topics like how women, across industries and nations can redefine pathways to success to drive meaningful change in their businesses, in their personal lives and within the communities around them renowned panelists facilitates dialogue between eminent business women who are paving the way for professional empowerment which in turn enhances cross country trade.The conference explores the interaction between entrepreneurship and its competitiveness which can contribute to economic growth. Through this conference how entrepreneurs develop by way of innovative ideas and persistence will be show cased.

This is the conference organized by ALEAP INDIA in collaboration with Govt.of A.P. is sfor women in business who want to connect with other women and get inspired by their experiences. This three-day event will feature speakers sharing their experiences of building a business, focusing on how to develop strengths towards innovation and industrialization. This conference provides the information, inspiration, momentum to help women discover what they want to be. It is an informative conference for women entrepreneurs, start ups, stand ups and students. This conference will focus on interaction, mentor ship and support for women in business. This event is an excellent platform for women entrepreneurs to connect networks and leave with business connections. This conference gathers world’s most dynamic speakers, Panel of industry experts, leading business executives and female entrepreneurs for three days of interactive discussions, keynote presentations and much more. It also focuses to build, scale and fund the startup companies and make them big. This event is unique in providing information on newer technology. This will bring together women entrepreneurs inspired to build their businesses, looking technological support.

Redefine the boundaries of learning and innovate new business ideas will surely improve product in shaping business strategy. In today’s competitive world, business success depends increasingly on the ability to innovate and with new technologies we have the opportunity to rethink innovation as a journey rather than an event. The conference provides interactive, academic experiences fostering deeper and more integrated learning, and empowering women to bring change.

Theme of the conference:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Entrepreneurship and Incubation.
  • Entrepreneurship and Industrialization.
  • Designing Organizations for Creativity and Innovation.
  • Importance of Cross country trade.

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